Carol Normans Pro Shop
UcanBowl2 Pro Shop welcomes Myron Crawford to the staff.
Myron Crawford

Resides: Houston, TX
Born: September 7, 1971
Throws: Right
300 Games: 5
800 Series: 2
College: Sam Houston State University


  • 1999 Team Midnight Ramblers Champion
  • 2000 TBOA Singles Champion
  • 2005 Scratch Masters Champion
  • 2006 Regionals Singles 6th place
  • 2009 Team Greater Houston City Champion
  • 2011 Team Houston Elite Champion
  • 2012 Team Trio champion 1st place
  • 2012 WOGH Doubles Champion
  • 2013 Team Houston Elite Champion 1st place
  • 2015 TCBA Team 2nd place overall
  • 2015 WOGH 1st place Singles Champion
  • 2015 Team Victoria Latin Tournament 4th place
  • 2015 NDO K or H Champion 1st place Singles
  • 2015 Team Postal Federal Tournament 10th place
  • 2015 Huntsville Scratch Tournament 5th place
  • 2015 Team Amistad Tournament 2nd place
  • 2015 Postal Federal Tournament 10th place Singles
  • 2016 Mobetter Scratch Singles 1st place Champion


I am a 44 year old Right hander from Houston, Texas. I currently bowl in 2 leagues. My current averages are 212 and 216. In the past 5 years my composite average has been 210. I have been using Hammer products exclusively for the last 5 years with great results, resulting in my best years posting honor scores. I feel with the great direction of Carol and Donna of U Can Bowl 2 Pro Shop I can be a great asset to the Ebonite International line preferably Hammer. I have a very strong memory which allows me to keep information on each piece of equipment, which I feel would be beneficial to customers wanting to know more about the equipment.

I have a very outgoing personality and would never bring any negativity to your company in any way. I am always around bowling centers and Pro-shops and I feel I would be a valuable asset to your team. Some of the things I plan to do would be to help youth leagues by giving older equipment away to those eager young individuals ready to enhance their skills. I also plan to give older equipment to bowlers who would like to acquire new equipment but are unable to do so for whatever reason.

My goal is to have a major presence in the bowling community throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. I have a large amount of bowling knowledge and I'm willing to work harder than most to get bowlers to buy equipment. I would be a strong advocate for Hammer products, equipment and most importantly the brand. I believe my skills and knowledge of Hammer would be a great asset to your company.