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Four Things To Know About Your Bowling Ball Arsenal

The 1st thing: Many times bowlers come into our pro shop wanting to buy the latest and greatest bowling  ball on the market with no regard to the fact it may not match up to their game or it may duplicate a ball they currently own. We love to sell bowling balls, but we care more about making sure it is the right ball for you. We understand that many of you are on a budget.  

The 2nd thing: We need to watch you bowl. By watching you bowl we can determine some physical factors about your personal game such as ball speed, rev rate, axis of rotation and axis tilt along with a measurement of your track on the ball called axis coordinates (Positive Axis Coordinates or PAP for short). With this information about your personal game we can then be better able to advise you of the right bowling balls and layouts to maximize your chances of getting the ball reaction needed from your new bowling ball and arsenal. 

The 3rd thing: We need to look at your current arsenal in regards to type of balls already owned and the layouts on them. This will allow us to advise you on the next ball purchase that will allow you to get the biggest bang for your buck and a layout that will compliment.

The 4th thing: Getting to throw new equipment and adjusting the surface if needed to make sure that everything compliments your style and the lane conditions that you will be encountering in your bowling endeavours.  

When helping a bowler develop an arsenal, we have to watch them bowl. This allows us to match their bowling style with the bowling balls that allow them to be versatile on all conditions. Today's bowling balls offer a huge range in ball reaction, from balls that are designed for oily conditions (aggressive coverstocks, low RG's and high Differentials) to the driest of conditions (Mild coverstocks, higher RG's and lower Differentials). 

By matching up equipment to a bowler's style, it allows the bowler to maximize his chances of being able to play on the variety of lane conditions that he will encounter. The choices of equipment for your players are based on their skill levels as well as their ball speed and rev rate and compliment with axis rotation and axis tilt. A high ball speed/low rev rate bowler will have a much more aggressive ball/layout for oily lanes than a high rev rate/lower ball speed player. For drier lanes, a high ball speed/low rev rate player will still use a more aggressive ball/layout than a high rev rate/slower ball speed bowler. 

The more information that we know about your game and the type of conditions that you bowl on, the better  we are able to determine the equipment that can be used to enhance your chances of scoring on all types of lane conditions.

Feel  free to come see Donna Conners or Carol Norman at Carol "Stormin" Norman's Pro Shop to determine what bowling balls will match up to you!